About us

Note: end of April 2014 the Rinoma domain was kidnapped. We recently got it back. We apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused our clients and other customers. All domains are presently being updated.

Market outlook

Rinoma is present in the Scandinavian, European, North American and other forest markets since 1977. From 1992 and onward Rinoma is also present in the Russian market with their own representative in St. Petersburg. With the economic crisis beginning in 2008 there has been a slowdown in some segments of our business sectors. And as a result of this development it is challenging to sell used and/or redundant facilities with the exception of a few countries. In spite of this, Rinoma has succeeded selling a number of sawmill plants and other related equipment to Russia and other countries. Around 2011-2012 Rinoma noticed the political and economic change in Russia that led up to today’s stalemate in east/west business relations. This has made it demanding to operate in Russia for the time being. We follow the development in Russian and other countries very closely and assist both sellers and buyers with the necessary exchange of information in order to conduct successful business.

Rinoma, broker of industrial equipment for the wood working market